Endowment Funds

What is an Endowment Fund?

An endowment fund is a perpetual fund. It is created by charitable donations in the form of cash, stocks, mutual funds, real property, or other personal property given to a foundation, such as the Catholic Development Foundation (CDF), to support a specific goal or program. The CDF is a securely structured publicly supported 501(c)3 organization. It ensures that all donated funds will be used for their intended purposes. Common CDF endowment recipients are parishes, parish programs, cemeteries, and other Diocese of Fargo programs.

How does an endowment work?

The practice of investing the principal, rather than spending it, creates a perpetual fund. Most of an endowment’s annual earnings are distributed to the designated benefactors or programs. Endowments provide a “forever giving” funding source to Catholic programs and activities.

Why support an endowment?

The advantages of an endowment are many, and the rewards last forever. Please select the type of endowment you wish to support by going to the donate now tab.

For more information on endowments or for questions, please contact the Development Office at (701) 356-7926.

Once you click on the Donate Now icon, please indicate which endowment fund you are contributing to in the box along side the amount. 

Types of endowments (the lists are generally in alphabetical order by City):